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Unfortunately, after a decade of existence, we must share some very disheartening news. Making this decision was far from easy, but today marks the end of a chapter in our musical journey. After pouring our hearts and souls into our band for many years, we must sadly announce that Aurium will no longer be an active band. We are eternally grateful for the past 10 years and everything we were able to achieve with your support, as well as for all that you have done for us. Despite the high number of band member replacements, Sinisa tirelessly worked to keep the band moving forward throughout those 10 long years. We invested a great deal of effort, time, energy, and money into our musical career, but we are no longer able to sustain it. We want to thank all of you for the support, love, and memories shared throughout the years. We may never know what the future holds, but for now, we bid farewell.




Rock Concert


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