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Touch me with the purity of tones,
Forget this present moment and walk through the time,
All that has been frozen will melt down with a drop of wine,
Unlock your soul to me, dear, beautiful music comes from a tear...
Play for me... play for me....

Touch me with your inspiration,
I'm not Mother Nature but a quiet, passing by stranger,
Unleash your canvas from the dust and strive for your greatest lust,
Make a new world of today,
Unite the colours of love and hate...
Paint for me... paint for me...


I’m crawling through the halls of past
Don’t dream of future, border line
How can you still believe me?

I see you blurry through these bars
The shadow swallowing
Your shape before me

I’m the sinner, I’m the saint
All you’ll never be
The one who dared to waste your time
Blend your memories

How far I’ll get depends on you
You build the walls around
Place your riddles under the stone
Or leave them on the ground

Year after year trailing the smiles
Upon your lips
Drinking the truth, drinking the wine
Beneath your silent words


We've never been closer to perfection
Now at sunrise of our new dawn
Out of tone I sing to you to find
My lost swept path so far behind.

Take my hand and I'll lead you to inane
We'll enter the dream, this world is insane
The red moon will rise over our illusions
They lead astray let me show you the way.


The walls are getting nearer
I see as the difference between us
I'm not the one, no, I'm not the one that
Reveals the faces under the surface

I'm chained inside of your deep hollow mind
Trapped between the walls of ignorance
Silence for the voices from the outside
Enslave yourself it will set you free forever

The walls were getting nearer
We saw the difference between us
I am the one, I am the one that
reveals the faces under the surface

"I know you're out there searching for the certain light
But it's the dead end, it's just in vain
You cannot feel fear trough the cartoonized sphere
I have secrets too, my dear"


Close yourself within your castle of sorrow
Feel comfort and freedom on your wings
Find your lost dream in the secrets of tomorrow
You'll never know what a new born Sun brings

Welcome to the world of today
New scars and new stories
Foes are taking away it all
Piece of paper makes worries

Dive through the Heaven's sky
See the world of violence
Children's smile is lost in the tears
No broken wing can fly
In drab coloured silence
Lie down and sleep with no fear

Try to reach the star that shines under the sea
Save yourself, drink the light of faith and hope
Try to heal your heart before it starts to bleed
Seek for the answers that you already know

There's no warrior who the water needs
Or garden to run through
There's no virgin in a wedding dress
Everything is left in you...

"Point the finger, blame the whore"


The Autumn is late
Late for her rescue
But there's something in time
Endless and divine

So small's the distance
From her to nowhere
With her existence
it's not so cold

Reaching down for light
(Reaching down for light)
And than I'm diving in
(And I'm diving in)
The deepest dream
There where you are

Blinded by the light
I feel her burning
Like the sun dark place for your soul
Drowning into watery eyes
You're falling asleep never to wake up

Seeking for a part of a dream
To reach the note behind the veil of dust
Could it be more strange?
This human being ever so distant makes me feel
I found my real life

You'll always be the one who makes me feel alive
Go away with the smile and never wake me up
Reaching down for light
(And I'm diving in the deepest dream)
There where you are

Blinded by the light
I feel her burning
Like the sun dark place for your soul
Drowning into watery eyes
You're falling asleep never to wake up
I see your light you're burning like the sun
I keep the distance not leaving you behind
I want to believe
And this child in me is
Falling asleep to your bed time story




Some evil times the wrath becomes me
Sometimes it plays with my guitars
It always moves smoothly down my strings
Passes me on to a new disguise
But never shall the wrath become me
Never shall it spill the wine
Or dine upon my childish little gown
Meant to erase your bloody evening frown
Skip the sorries and don't matters
forget about my soul's shatters
leave me be with the evil sun
the good moon must outrun...

[Mrs. Tambourine]


Embracing you was like touching the time
Loving you was never enough
I wish I died that night in your open eyes
Without blinking away

Tell me the truth my darling
What happened inside your mind
Would you ever let me know
About the sparkle in your eye
Tell me the truth my darling
Just tell me the truth this time

You're standing alone in your kingdom of sadness
Thinking of everything we lost in the end
Everything's gone now and never will be back
All we've ever dreamt about faded away

Nobody left beside you and nobody cares
How you feel inside your clouded head
Now it's too late to cry cause everything's gone
And I lied to you all along


Opiate scent woke up the morning
Blank stare I didn't hide
Just saving hard words from you
And the promise you want from me

Now I know what letters are missing
Seems to me your name passing me by
It sounds so sad but painfully true
I have just been fooled once in a Blue

Will our wheels halt?
Will they my love?

I didn't reach the reef of love
I'm drowning deep in search of my heart
You'll never know it my lover
What colours faded away with that night


I feel your hatred on my skin
Soundless words and whispering
Your shaded faces no one sees
But you're breathing life into me

I am walking down the deadly path
But you're still the one standing in the dark
You're blinded by my brightest lights
Until my darkness closes your eyes

You are drowned in a world of lies
But each one was only for us
The truth is far beneath the time
Slowly fading in the distance.

Close to the end we're taming our path
We're lost in the dead piece of time
Real is the fear that's keeping me here
If you leave, it'll all disappear!

I walked down the deadly path
But you're still the one standing in the dark
You're blinded by my brightest lights
My darkness forever closed your eyes

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