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Misunderstood by ignorance
You took my soul
Sold it as your own

Your deviant mind is one in a million
You feel strong though my weakness
You taste victory through my failures
Such a self-righteous pig you are

I know you're watching me now
I know you can hear me now

Diverse lies
Silencing the curse
Flowering reverse

Deliver me
From this pointless path
Deliver me
From every sense
I know how long it'll take this time

Pull the trigger
It's not a crime
To shoot the one
You've killed a 1000 times


See me dance

You sob in your lonely pillows
Nobody hears it, nobody knows
Industry of fears
Crucifying your dreams
Strange as it seems?

Light is fading!
Curtain's falling!


You cannot run, you can hide
But the world's devouring kids like you
Mommy will not be there forever

Playing the main roles
Shadows with no sense  -necromantic romance!
Far beyond acceptable the real world hides dead landscapes

I'm not the only one who's
Leaving you alone
Every sentence left unfinished deep carved into stone

Your head so disconnected
Wandering through the fantasies
Hidden away from fears you won't let in

No, you're not that tall
To see dead landscapes
Behind the wall
No, you're not the one
Who can face the fears
Who can chase the dark

No, you're not that tall
No, you're not the one

Behind the rainbow in the sky
Angels singing lullabies
There are so many like you

Pick yourself up and open up your cold dead eyes!
This play should be over!
Your part is no longer important!

Isn't it clear you kept your false creation?
You've killed me my friend
You still have too many words to say what you mean
Painted smile will never make your heart alive


True intention dressed in chastity
Lies control false dignity
Behind the mask of sanity
Slowly emerging, demon looming

There's a million names for your kind
You were always blinded by betrayal dressed in disguise

I want run away
I don’t wanna stay
There where you are
In the world of the perfect one

Late conclusions manifest your fear!
You're such a comfortable liar!


You are here to tell us we need to be better
And first to celebrate our fall

Search for clarity
Through a kaleidoscope
Ruins of Devil's land
Leaden sky we held
We failed to create
Decades of silence
Waiting's the only thing that we have

Tough is the path we've chosen against the homeland's odds
The farther we get is the lonelier

Some will be born to follow
Others will lead
We breathe to build what might be our undoing


There was the time
That lead the hearts of wanderers
Now all is gone
All they have left now is Reminiscence
When love turns into rage
Dreams become more than just nightmares
We've become illusion
We became disguise

Just close your eyes
Squeeze my hand
Say it's the end
Wrest your arm from their hold
They're part of our fall
Romances, tragedies
Travelogues, slavery
The chosen victim
Is the one with deepest beliefs

High above Heavens are lonely
No one to see me nor to hear my tale
Once again I'm on my own
What I've believed was just a fairy-tale
I feel so dead from the inside
Don't follow my senses this time
A wandering heart is gone
Deep with the child's dreams in the dark


We've lost our path
Far too long we've been tumbling down
I gave it all just to see the vacancy in your eyes

Who burnt our Heavens?
What's next upon our wrinkled forehead?
I will never know who've brought this sadness
Time to fill your void
So I will bleed forevermore

Pieces I collected for your puzzle got lost again
Just walk away, just walk away in silence

Who burnt our Heavens?
What's next upon our wrinkled forehead?
I will never know who've brought this sadness
Time to fill your void
So I will bleed forevermore

Now all is clear, you see
We've lost ourselves in a fantasy
I can't stay here no more
Time to fill my void
I know I'll bleed forevermore

*Sewn Hearts*

Day by day from one try to another for damn day of freedom
Carriers of sacrifice!

You were a rainbow in vacant sky
Not the rain, the cloud, nor the thunder
I'm not a dreamer, I'm a wanderer
Rambler that'll never be tamed

Nothing lasts for sewn hearts
Strings too weak to hold more than one
We thought we're falling into place
Maybe we've been just falling

 *Leftovers of me*

"I ceased to exist
Began vanishing one night
Bit by bit
Atom at a time
Your pain and your past
and present stayed, you see
And your every breath and sound
And some leftovers of me
Your Aprils and my Octobers
Waterfalls and stormy seas
All yours now
Go go on and you be
You be, instead of me"


On the ground blade reflects the eyes
We are free does that mean anything?
We tried to belie
The song of Phasianidae


Sanctum of nowadays
You made from perfect hideaways
Time will show up on your rotten skin
Your presence remains untold
I never blamed you, not even for
The burden you left me to carry on

I'm sick of you all

I've prayed enough
To reveal the secrets of your heart
I'm brave enough
To drink the sickness from your mind
I've left behind
The key of time you'll never find

Your will is descending
Your songs are never-ending
All I have are promises... or not?
The road was too rough
For the chariots we slept in
You woke up from the fucking dream

Left me inside it

I've prayed enough
To reveal the secrets of your heart
I'm brave enough
To drink the sickness from your mind
I've left behind
The key of time you'll never find


(Aliester Crowely, Original title: Hymn to Lucifer)

Ware, nor of good nor ill, what aim hath act?
Without its climax, death, what savour hath
Life? an impeccable machine, exact
He paces an inane and pointless path

To glut brute appetites, his sole content
How tedious were he fit to comprehend
Himself! More, this our noble element
Of fire in nature, love in spirit, unkenned

Life hath no spring, no axle, and no end

His body a bloody-ruby radiant
With noble passion, sun-souled Lucifer
Swept through the dawn colossal, swift aslant
On Eden's imbecile perimeter

He blessed nonentity with every curse
And spiced with sorrow the dull soul of sense,
Breathed life into the sterile universe,
With Love and Knowledge drove out innocence


This game of masquerade is taking its toll
Pick up the gun and point the targeted
The shadow casts the glimpse before you
Take a hard look and bring the judgement with no proof

We're silently crawling to someone else’s throne with no crowns
We praise the Demons
Pray to Gods
Under velvet dying sky
All we ever learned's how to throw the blade on the ground
What we've become, what you have done
The wake will purify it all

We keep drawing cheerful lines on our faces
Dancing with the vices of despair
No one can see the cold behind the flames
Confessions stay away from the others' blames


Damned to travel alone
Leaving broken hearts behind
A body with two hearts beating
Devoured by a cruelty of time

Wandering across the universe
For centuries about to come
To find a way back home
And so much more!
Are we really indomitable?
Or just pawns on a chessboard?
We always move on...

Dressed in lamb’s skin
Still act as a bad wolf
It takes much more time
To solve the ancient riddle
Who are you?


“What a playful beings you are!
Building empires only to destroy them
A hundred nations
Give them the same order…”

"Fire! Kill! Delete! Exterminate!"
No more!
(Who are you?)

How can you fight the foe
When you don't know
Why you're fighting for?



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