Rage Against The Machine!

So the new year took off and nothing has really changed. In fact, some things got worse than before, but really in the times like this some people, particulary people of power, forget that culture is one of the most essential things in the world. We need music now. And yes, we need metal.

It's funny how people seem to notice stuff that they like and need when you take it away from them. A lot of people now are very reminiscent of their good times at concerts, sharing old photos, laughin' with beer in their hands and so on, and yet a very small percent of those people think of musicians and what they are doing now, and that we need you as much as you need music. There are still many ways to support musicians even without concerts, but we cannot expect anyone to buy merch because theese times are hard for everyone. A lot of people lost their jobs, and must save all of their money because the future is uncertain. All we can do is wait for this virus to go away and prepare for better days; be creative, productive, record and rehearse.

Well.. we could until recently. And not just your favorite Serbian symphonic metal band, but a big part of the Serbian, let's say, alternative scene.

Short lesson in history:

In early 2000's, musicians discovered that the old book publishing factory was semi-abandoned and that they could rent a room there for a small fee. Of course, I'm talking about BIGZ.

Few years later it became a monument of culture, especially alternative culture. Metal included, ofc. As years passed by, the scene grew more and more and in 2010's it counted over 100 music studios, rehearsal rooms, tattoo studios, art studios and even clubs with live gigs. The scene lived and grew. There were always rumors about BIGZ being sold in the future to a foreign company, and that every year could be our last, but somehow it never came to be. Until it did. In early 2021, the nightmare breached reality. We got an official email from the administration department that we had 30 days to leave. At first we thought that we could find some other way around it, but since the foreign company that bought the building gave 0 fucks about art, (and the city government sold it to them knowing that there are literally hundreds of artists in the building) we had to go to the streets. And we went. We organised a meeting in front of the building and a few hundred people showed up and gave support to the artists and to survival of culture; with 0% of budget money going to cultural resources, we have to do everything on our own. The government promised to give us another space, another building as a permanent solution. Past experience and daily reality do not leave us too hopeful; until it happens, if it does, we remain homeless. Little do they know that the streets have always been a home for art, and that we will come back stronger than ever.

For now Aurium has found a temporary solution and very soon we will update you with some content from our temporary, but very cool studio. Until then, enjoy our music and support your local scene every way you can. It's important, now more than ever.

Interior of BIGZ

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